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I'm Josh,

I push pixels and shift bits. I'm a bit of a digital "jack of all trades." I started my career as a graphic designer but it wasn't enough for me to design interfaces, I needed to mold them into experiences. I love a challenge and so I started teaching myself Perl and HTML. It felt great to add interactivity to my designs. Every day there was something new to expand my digital pallet. I taught myself Javascript, CSS, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Objective-C, C# and am currently learning Swift. I picked up whatever languages or technologies fill my needs. Before I knew it, I was a full time Software Engineer with a strong background in graphic design. I found that my design skills made me a an even better developer and my understanding of software development made me a better designer. I'm really good at working on the details, while keeping the entire scope of my project in mind.

A decade passed and I built enterprise Java applications, designed complex web service APIs and built all sorts of high data applications. In 2004, when Apple first showed the iPhone to the world, I knew I wanted to build applications that you could touch. I started building touch based mobile apps. Before long I was writing my first native applications. Touch is the future and the future feels good.

What I've been working on recently

LOTS of iOS Development... Obviously

I am constantly working on lots of different iPhone and iPad applications for my clients. These apps include productivity, simulations, games, training and data processing. Some of the titles currently available in the app store include: AA Comics, GoArmy Edge Football and the US Army's Career Navigator.

I love a challenge. I'm always looking for new and interesting projects that push me to design and build things I have never done before. Please, surprise me with a challenge. I want to turn the implausible into reality.

America’s Army Comics is a collection of high resolution guided comic series with complex animation and sound that help immerse the reader in their stories. All the animations were coded in Core Animation and are sequenced with the panels in the comic so that the action always follows the reader and not the other way around.

With Career Navigator you can view over 230 U.S. Army careers, or search through careers to find those that match your interests. Also learn how the army can help you get a college education, watch videos, see how you will transition from Civilian to Soldier in Basic Combat Training. And you can do all of this in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Development in Unity 3D

Who doesn't like playing games every now and again? I've recently been working on several games and simulations using the Unity 3D game engine. Unity's cross platform development allowed me to built Android and iOS augmented reality simulations for the US Army and Air Force.

I've also been tinkering away on some sports gaming titles as well. Unity provides a robust 3D platform that I can leverage to create interactive content for all platforms. Writing C# isn't the best thing in the world but it's amazing what you can make it do when you put your mind to it.

GoArmy Edge Football is a training and simulation app, developed in Unity 3D, for coaches and players alike. Coaches can create their own formations, huddles and plays on a digital whiteboard, then play the action back in retina resolution 3D. Players can practice drills, created by their coaches, to test themselves just the way they would in field practice. They can view the action from anywhere on the field and even enter first person mode to see the play unfold just as they would in a real game.

Leap Motion Research and Development

When I found out that I was accepted into the Leap Motion Developer Program, I was really excited. The Leap Motion controller allows you to detect physical motion in the space above the controller. This gives the user an entirely new way to interact with their desktop systems. In some ways, it provides a user experience unlike any other before it.

Though I don't do much desktop work, I really wanted to see what the leap was capable of and try to imagine where such technology will take us in the future. To that end, I've been working on lots of small projects to help push the technology forward.

Pebble Development

The Pebble smart watch is part of the rapidly growing wearable computing market. Low power BlueTooth peripherals that extend the capabilities of our existing smart phones. Pebble allows me to access visual information from my smart phone, without even removing it from my pocket.

Working with Pebble's SDK, I was able to create an application for WWDC that shows, not only the current time, but also information about my next upcoming session. This allowed me to have constant access to information about when my next session begins and where I needed to be for it.

Getting In Touch

I'm always looking for a challenge. If you feel you may need my help on a project, I can offer anything from consultations and strategies to full design and development services.

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